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Jurmala participates in the international travel fair „ITB BERLIN 2005”

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Pokaini forest [ 86 ]

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What's interesting with us?

Pokaini forest

Has been a mystery to people since ancient times. Here time stands still, and nature is at her most indulgent.

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The leafy valleys and hills have a very varied vegetation and they are also interesting geologically. This interest is connected with the new - found geologic structures which seems to determine the development of everything on the Earth.

Our scientists are to explore the influence of these structures on the natural systems. They are at the very beginning of their research.

We study to look from the different point of view to our cultural heritage and nature. This is our wealth we are proud of.

Why can you find this place attractive for you?

It is a place of over whelming natural divercity and it is worth a visit at any time of the year.

Different stones, interesting rocks and minerals are found everywhere in this forest. Wise people say that these rocks radiate inexhaustible energy which is able to alleviate several chronical illnesses.

The spring water in Pokaini forest is rich in mineralsand can be used as some kind of medicine.

The lime-trees and oak-trees form the landscape of almost religious solemnity.

Extremely rare plants and plenty of mushrooms can be found everywhere in the forest, including orchids, lilies of the valley and marsh marigolds.

People tired of noise in the city can relax listening to the birds and the sounds of the wind, and going for a walk in the forest where one can enjoy peace and clean fresh air.

The Pokaini forest has plentiful bird population. It is ideal living place for cranes, swans and wild geese.

As many other place in Zemgale Pokaini has been inhabited since the stone age. People of Zemgale were famous as brave fighters and good farmers and played a notable role in the Baltic region.

The archeological deposits give us evidences that Pokaini forest could be a sacred place for our ancestors.

Pokaini as a mysterious place was described already in the 30-ies. At the beginning of 90-ies it was found again, and some groups of devotees began to develop this place. They laid the paths and in 1998 with the help of Dobele forestry the parking place was established.

At present our highest priority is a temporary pavilion which will provide much needed work space and shelter year round the exhibition of rocks and minerals.

Support the Pokaini forest - every contribution will help us and the environment, too.

The Pokaini forest lies about 90 km from Riga and 14 km from Dobele. You can reach it by your own car.

You can book exursions by special arrangements.


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